Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Chicken Fajitas

2 chicken breasts
1 tbs lime juice
2 tbs Worchester sauce
1.5 tbs brown sugar
1 green pepper, thin strips sliced
1/2 onion, thin strips sliced
Vegetable oil to cook
Sour cream and salsa optional.

Heat skilllet on medium high, add oil. Cut chicken into small strips using poultry scissors. Fry chicken in skillet, adding lime juice, salt, and Wochester sauce. Fry on meduim low, green pepper and onion in a seperate skillet until soft and slightly browned. When the chicken is almost done, add brown sugar, frying until slightly golden brown.

Serve with warm tortillas (30 seconds on a plate in microwave). Sour cream and salsa optional. Enjoy!

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