Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crock Pot Crazy - Lasagna

I came across the blog A Year of Crockpotting through another blog that I love, PastaQueen. I think that discovery alone may have turned me into a crockpot monster. I never knew that you could cook so many things with a crockpot! I decided to try lasagna since I enjoy eating lasagna but never feel like putting in the effort to make it. Stephanie's original recipe is here.

I used:

~1 pound extra lean turkey, cooked with poultry seasoning
~lasagna noodles
~1 can tomato garlic sauce
~ricotta cheese
~Italian cheese

Since my husband hasn't quite expanded his horizons with vegetables, I made a salad to serve with it, but didn't put any vegetables in.

I started by cooking the turkey in a skillet with poultry seasoning, then simmered it with the sauce for a few minutes. Next, I layered the turkey/sauce mixture, followed by a layer of dry noodles, then the ricotta cheese and Italian cheese, then the sauce, etc. until the crockpot was full. Then I poured water into the empty sauce can, shook it, and poured that mixture over top of the entire lasagna. I cooked it on high for 4 hours. Just before it was done, I put garlic bread in the oven and made the salad. The lasagna came out very well--it was very tender and flavorful. My husband's one comment was that it needed more sauce, so I might put in another half-can next time. I think this would taste good with vodka sauce as well.

I'm looking forward to trying more of Stephanie's recipes!

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