Saturday, October 20, 2007

Aunt Micki's Fruity Tall Cake

1 Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Golden cake mix
2 containers cool whip
1 can pinapple tidbits, drained well
3 kiwi
5 strawberries
2 bananas

Prepare cake as per directions, enough to make 3 small layers. Put the cake in the freezer overnight. After the cake is frozen, cut into three small layers. Mix cool whip and pineapple together. Cut banana, strawberries, and kiwi into thin slices. On the bottom layer, put a layer of coolwhip and pineapple mixture. Top with fruit slices; repeat next layer. Frost the cake with the remaining cool whip mixture. And voila!

My aunt made this cake for my cousin, Kristen's, 20th birthday party. She wanted something light and sweet, and so my aunt designed this cake. It was, with all honesty, the best cake I have ever had! The whip cream topping gave it a light taste and the fruit was perfect. It tasted light a strawberry shortcake.

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Anonymous said...

If you make this cake, per directions, to make three small layers, why would you then cut it into three layers after freezing? Also, what pan is used? Regular 9 inch circular layer pans?